Tuesday Tunes | Darnell Nurse

Whether it's memories of listening to cassettes with his father or appreciating what his mom and sisters were listening to, it's no surprise that Nurse's taste are wide-ranging.

Tuesday Tunes | Darnell Nurse

He likes a little bit of everything, but catering to the musical tastes of all those in an NHL locker room is no easy task just as Darnell Nurse, defenceman and locker room DJ for the Edmonton Oilers.

"It's tough being the DJ. You have to come with a good playlist before the game." Nurse has said of shouldering title. With a whole roster to please, Nurse's tastes and hobby of choice keep the masses happy.

"We've got a good mix of stuff in here."

With Hip-Hop and House as his genres of choice, Nurse was more than up to crafting a sample of what he's listening to these days.

But whether it's memories of listening to Ice Cube and Tupac cassettes (yes, cassettes) with his father, Richard, to a his Uncle Donovan passing down a love Teddy Pendergrass, it's no surprise that Nurse's taste are wide-ranging with his favourite artists inciting nostalgia of various family members.

"I'm a fan of multiple genres of music. I'll be on the plane sometimes, when we're flying back home, and when I'm trying to rest the mind a little bit, I'll put on a little Alanis Morissette. My mom and her sisters used to play that all the time when I was young."

Happy listening!