Corporate Sponsorship

The NHLPA presents a unique opportunity for sponsors: a partnership with the 750 best hockey players in the world. Through our Corporate Partnerships, we work directly with brands to develop actionable sponsorship programs that leverage the appeal of the greatest ambassadors in sports. Consumer engagement through NHLPA programs includes events, contests and retail promotion all fueled by powerful NHLPA social media properties such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

Corporate Partners have the ability to work directly with players, who hail from around the world, through the NHLPA to amplify their brands. Opportunities include commercial shoots, client, customer and contest winner engagement, social and digital media campaigns, and many other initiatives that utilize hockey’s premiere stars to enhance Corporate Partners’ market presence while aligning with personable and community-minded brand ambassadors.




For more information on becoming a corporate sponsor of the NHLPA:

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