Be A Player: Rewind | Glen Murray

Originally aired March 5, 2003, this week's episode features Glen Murray, who hits the "Big Dig" construction site with host Brett Lindros, on the cusp of back-to-back NHL All-Star outings with the Boston Bruins.

Glen Murray

Drafted 1991, 18th overall  (BOS)
NHL All-Star (2003, 2004)
1,009 NHL GP (BOS, PIT, LAK); 337 G, 314 
2004 World Champion (Canada)

The year was 2003, the host was Brett Lindros, and the player was Glen Murray.

In this week's episode, we go back to a time where Murray was one of the league's best scorers and on the cusp of making back-to-back NHL All-Star games.

Murray shares his thoughts on trades after being involved in three of them before cycling back to his draft club, the Boston Bruins, where he'd finish his career with 1,009 NHL games under his belt.

Special interviews include a young and up-and-coming Ryan Miller, just embarking on his NHL career with the Buffalo Sabres.

Then and Now

Murray hung up his skates to end his 2007-08 season at 35 years old citing a bad ankle.

In 2012, Murray joined the Los Angeles Kings for the second time in his career this time as a development consultant.

 “It’s really great working with these young kids and creating a relationship with them, " Murray told Fluto Shinzawa of the Boston Globe in 2015. "Just helping them out in becoming a pro.”