Ben Hutton Loses Bet to Erik Gudbranson, Receives Mullet

A bet’s a bet, and Ben Hutton learned the hard way that losing one to Erik Gudbranson results in sporting a brand new mullet.

Ben Hutton Loses Bet to Erik Gudbranson, Receives Mullet

At one point in time, mullets were in style - especially in hockey. In the 1990’s, Jaromir Jagr helped make mullets famous for nearly a decade. But in 2016? The mullet isn’t exactly a style you see every day – unless you’re Canucks d-man Ben Hutton thanks to a bet lost to his teammate.

Prior to the Vancouver Canucks’ game last week in Tampa Bay, Erik Gudbranson bet Hutton that if he scored the game-winning goal that he’d be forced to let his defence partner choose his next hair style. Hutton, thinking it was a safe bet, agreed to the terms and did not expect that Gudbranson would score his first goal of the year that same night to help lead the team to a tough road win.

With his wager victory intact, what hairstyle did Gudbranson choose? Well, one modeled after “Kenny Powers” from the HBO series ‘Eastbound & Down’, of course.

He might not like it, but this new haircut comes with a silver lining. Hutton netted a goal the following week in a game against the Carolina Hurricanes. He was originally only supposed to keep the haircut for four days, but with results like that, maybe it sticks around longer?

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