Henrik Sedin Loses Shoes During Pregame Soccer

When both your shoes get stuck on top of a light fixture, it’s nice to have your teammates nearby to help save the day.

Henrik Sedin Loses Shoes During Pregame Soccer

Ahead of the Vancouver Canucks’ match-up against the Dallas Stars last Friday night, Henrik Sedin and Erik Gudbranson decided to take part in a little pregame soccer action. Soccer outside an NHL dressing room is common, but what followed was definitely not.

As they were kicking the ball around, it got wedged above a light fixture high up on the wall. Thinking he could knock the ball back down with his shoe, Henrik quickly tossed one up there. The ball came right down. His shoe? It didn’t.

Since the shoe maneuver worked on the ball, Henrik threw his other shoe up trying to retrieve it. Now both shoes were stuck.

Barefoot, Henrik decided the next best option was to try and fish his sneakers down with a hockey stick, but was only able to reach one half of the pair.

That’s when his teammates came to the rescue. Alex Burrows climbed on top of Luca Sbisa’s shoulders to help reach the remaining shoe and saved the day, proving the importance of teamwork both on and off the NHL ice.

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