Player Q&A | Adrian Kempe

As he tries to re-live his favourite hockey memory at the 2019 IIHF World Championship alongside the person he most admires, get to know Adrian Kempe in this week's Player Q&A!

Player Q&A | Adrian Kempe



Name something popular now that you think
will be embarrassing in 5 years: 

The best concert you ever saw was: 

People might be surprised to learn you have never: 

People might be surprised to learn that you can: 

Your favourite hockey memory is: 

The person you admire most is: 

Complete the following...

The best locker room DJ is... 

If I could be teammates with any
former NHL player it would be... 

In a movie about my life, I would like...   cast to play me. 

The teammate with the best tape job is... 

My favourite thing about my hometown is...  

My favourite purchase this year is...