Be A Player: Rewind | Alex Tanguay

Alex Tanguay recalls the longest 30 minutes of his life while Eric Staal, an up-and-comer circa 2004 makes an appearance on 'Next Generation'!

Alex Tanguay

1,088 NHL Games (COL, CGY, MTL, TBL, ARI)
283 G, 580 A, 863 PTS
2000-01 Stanley Cup Champion
2004 NHL All-Star

The year was 2004, the host was Brett Lindros, and the player was Alex Tanguay.

In this week's episode, Tanguay details the longest 30 minutes of his life  a.k.a the final moments of the fateful Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final in which the Quebec-born forward hoisted hockey's most coveted prize. June 9, 2001 the Colorado Avalanche won the Presidents' Trophy en route to hoisting Lord Stanley with Ray Bourque, who according to Tanguay, was "suffocating" on the bench from excitement.

Also making an appearance is an up-and-comer circa 2004 named Eric Staal, who makes an appearance on 'Next Generation' reminiscing on his days growing up in Thunder Bay playing pond hockey with his brothers.

Then and now

After 1,088 NHL games and over 800 points, Tanguay enjoyed a lengthy career that spanned 1999-2016.

Now an analyst with NHL Network, Tanguay recently recalled his own 1998 draft class, of which he earned the fourth-most points in the NHL. The year was also marked by an influx of Quebec-born players.