Player Q&A: Mother's Day Edition with Gaby Burns

What she thought he'd be, what she's learned from him, and the gift only a mother would love most in this week's special edition Player Q&A with Gaby Burns, mother of Brent Burns (who also calls him Burnzie!).

Player Q&A: Mother's Day Edition with Gaby Burns


Mom of:



What does your son call you?

What is your nickname for your son/ what is he saved as in your phone?

What did you think your son would be when he grew up?

What would your son be good at if he wasn't a hockey player?

When did you know he had a great hockey talent?

In a few words, describe your parenting style:

Is there a hockey parent moment you regret?

What's something most people don't know about your son?

Proudest moment as a parent:

Best mother's day gift from your son:

What's the best part of being a hockey mom?

One piece of advice for hockey parents:

What has your son taught you?