NHLPA launches NHLPA UNLMT – a bespoke initiative designed to maximize NHL players’ experience

Personalized support and opportunities will help players unlock their interests and achieve their goals on and off the ice.

NHLPA launches NHLPA UNLMT – a bespoke initiative designed to maximize NHL players’ experience

TORONTO (June 22, 2023) The National Hockey League Players’ Association today announced the official launch of NHLPA UNLMT, an innovative athlete development offering created to meet players where they are at, maximize their experience on and off the ice, and give them the tools to leverage the game for a lifetime.

Born of the NHLPA’s commitment to empowering NHL players to connect, engage, and excel, NHLPA UNLMT utilizes a truly bespoke, by-the-players, for-the-players approach, helping players become the best they can be during their hockey career and for years to come. Players can explore and unlock their strengths and interests through a best-in-class assessment experience, and guidance from NHLPA UNLMT personal strategists to seek out pathways and mentors to support them in carving out their own unique path. The initiative ensures players receive one-on-one support every step of the way, driving meaningful outcomes for them in the process.

“With this initiative, we are focused on providing individualized support for each player so that they can excel both during their playing career and in the future,” said Marty Walsh, NHLPA Executive Director. “NHLPA UNLMT, together with our collaborators and a strong support team consisting of several former players, is committed to making sure these players become the best they can be in the game and outside of it.”

NHLPA UNLMT’s innovative approach provides players access to exclusive resources from leading institutions and connects them to influential people from beyond the world of hockey, while opening new doors and possibilities during their playing careers and beyond. Coupled with a digital platform designed for the players, offerings range from certificate-level courses in business, leadership, and entrepreneurship, to flexible and goal-oriented language learning, real estate career development modules and many more. All courses and modules are created in collaboration with a variety of best-in-class organizations, including the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia, UF Online, Temple University, Game Change, The Second City, Money Management International, Berlitz, and many others.

One of the early participants in NHLPA UNLMT, Lars Eller, Colorado Avalanche forward, definitively stated that “it has improved me as a player to have other interests.”

Meanwhile, Kyle Okposo, Buffalo Sabres captain, alum of the Business Fundamentals Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business Executive Education, added that “there are so many different avenues that are available to you while you’re playing, and the courses that NHLPA UNLMT is offering allow you to engage in a meaningful way.”

To date, there has been strong engagement from players in the early stages of NHLPA UNLMT, and today’s official launch of the initiative and debut of the online player portal will increase accessibility to all NHLPA members, unlimiting the potential of elite players for generations to come.

For more information, visit NHLPA UNLMT.