2020-21 Player Playoff Fund Distribution

A breakdown of the 2020-21 Player Fund.

2020-21 Player Playoff Fund Distribution

Article 28 of the CBA provides that a single lump sum payment of $20,000,000 shall be made by the NHL to the Players on account of a playoff Player Fund, which shall be allocated to the Players on Clubs participating in the various Playoff rounds and/or based upon Club finish, as shall be determined by the NHLPA. The Player Fund allocation for 2020/21 is as follows:

Player Fund distribution

Achievement Total $ Per Team $
Presidents' Trophy Winner $781,250 $781,250 (to 1 team)
1st Round Losers $3,125,000 $390,625 (to 8 teams)
2nd Round Losers $3,125,000 $781,250 (to 4 teams)
3rd Round Losers $3,750,000 $1,875,000 (to 2 teams)
Stanley Cup Finalist $3,437,500 $3,437,500 (to 1 team)
Stanley Cup Champions $5,781,250 $5,781,250 (to 1 team)

Total $20,000,000