Be A Player: Rewind | Shawn McEachern

The Olympics, winning a Stanley Cup with the Pittsburgh Penguins – all accomplished before before Shawn McEachern's rookie season in the NHL.

Shawn McEachern

256 G, 323 A, 579 PTS
1992-93 Stanely Cup Champion (PIT)
U.S. Olympian (1992)

The year was 2002, the host was Brett Lindros, and the player was Shawn McEachern.

Originally aired January 6, 2003, McEachern talks being drafted in high school, heading to the Olympics to represent the U.S. and winning a Stanley Cup with the Pittsburgh Penguins  all before his rookie season in the NHL.

Talk about setting the bar high early, but McEachern still made an impression in his rookie campaign. Despite being traded to the Los Angeles Kings after posting a 61-point rookie season, he eventually joined the Ottawa Senators and made it to the playoffs in each of his six seasons spent with the club.

Indeed, McEachern admits he appreciates these moments more now (technically, then) than he did at the time, and one can only assume that they still rank high on his list of NHL accomplishments over nearly 14 seasons.

Then and now

With 911 NHL games in the books, McEachern announced his retirement from the game August 27, 2006.

McEachern has remained within the game of hockey at the collegiate level in his home state of Massachusetts. A Boston University alumni, McEachern recently served as head coach of his home-state Rivers School in Weston.

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