Salary Arbitration Dates provides the full list of this summer's arbitration cases and the dates that they are scheduled to take place

Salary Arbitration Dates

Below is a list of all the salary arbitration cases that are pending during the 2010 off-season and the date that they are scheduled to take place. Please note that players have the ability to come to an agreement on a contract with their clubs prior to reaching the scheduled arbitration date.

- bold text signifies the players whose cases reached the scheduled arbitration hearing date
- ' * ' signifies that the arbitration date was reached but a settlement was reached prior to entering the hearing
- red text signifies the players that have reached a settlement prior to their scheduled arbitration hearing


  • Tanner Glass  -  Vancouver Canucks
  • Dan Girardi  -  New York Rangers
  • Eric Fehr  -  Washington Capitals
  • Jeff Schultz  -  Washington Capitals
2010-07-20 Meech, Derek   Detroit Red Wings 
2010-07-20 Hansen, Jannik   Vancouver Canucks
2010-07-20 Boll, Jarrett Columbus Blue Jackets
2010-07-21 Jacques, Jean-Francois   Edmonton Oilers 
2010-07-21 MacArthur, Clarke   Atlanta Thrashers 
2010-07-21 Carcillo, Daniel  Philadelphia Flyers
2010-07-22 Campbell, Gregory   Boston Bruins 
2010-07-22 Thompson, Nate   Tampa Bay Lightning 
2010-07-23 Richardson, Brad   Los Angeles Kings 
2010-07-23 Brunnstrom, Fabian* Dallas Stars 
2010-07-26 Raymond, Mason*  Vancouver Canucks
2010-07-27 Moulson, Matt* New York Islanders 
2010-07-27 Wheeler, Blake   Boston Bruins 
2010-07-27 Kennedy, Tim   Buffalo Sabres 
2010-07-28 Stralman, Anton* Columbus Blue Jackets 
2010-07-28 Fleischmann, Tomas   Washington Capitals 
2010-07-29 Kaleta, Patrick   Buffalo Sabres 
2010-07-29 Ladd, Andrew*  Atlanta Thrashers 
2010-07-29 Niemi, Antti   Chicago Blackhawks
2010-07-30 White, Ian* Calgary Flames 
2010-07-30 Fraser, Mark   New Jersey Devils 
2010-07-30 Regin, Peter   Ottawa Senators 
2010-08-03 Brule, Gilbert   Edmonton Oilers 
2010-08-03 Wisniewski, James   Anaheim Ducks 
2010-08-03 Eager, Ben   Atlanta Thrashers 
2010-08-04 DesLauriers, Jeff   Edmonton Oilers 
2010-08-04 Campoli, Chris   Ottawa Senators