One Way of Avoiding a Penalty

Friday's Viral Video of the Week

Friday's Viral Video of the Week

What do you do when you’re seconds away from a too many men on the ice penalty? You do what any good teammate would do and get over the boards at the speed of light.

This past Saturday night, Buffalo Sabres defenseman Andrej Sekera (currently playing for the KHL’s Slovan Bratislava) saw a line change get botched during a game against Lev Praha in the second period. In a moment of panic knowing a penalty call was about to be called, Sekera lept over the boards. Just one small problem - it was the opponents’ bench. 

As you can imagine, that kind of thing generally doesn’t go unnoticed. Slovan Bratislava got a too many men penalty moments later. Despite the call, Slovan went on to win the game 2-0.

Note: Your speakers are fine, the video clip has no sound.