Imitation Is the Greatest Form Of Flattery

Jason Chimera and Joel Ward fill in for Washington Capitals reporters John Walton and Mike Vogel in a hilarious April Fool’s Day prank.

This week’s viral video comes to us by way of a great April Fool’s Day prank from Washington Capitals wingers Jason Chimera and Joel Ward. After gearing up in some quickly thrown together costumes, in an attempt to closely resemble Caps on-air personalities John Walton and Mike Vogel, the two wingers acted out some ‘impeccable’ impersonations of the pre-game ‘Two-Man Advantage’ show. 

In the video, Chimera masters Vogel’s “hair flip” and runs through a series of non-sensical stats while Ward tries his best to keep from laughing and offer his two-cents. Watch the funny moment below:

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