Who’s Your Favourite Player?

Are you a player’s biggest fan? Prove it in the NHLPA’s #MyFavouritePlayer showdown.

Hockey fans go all out when it comes to supporting their favourite players. Do you think you’re a player’s biggest fan? Now’s your chance to prove it in the NHLPA’s #MyFavouritePlayer showdown.

We’re asking fans to show their love for their favourite players by submitting photos to prove it, tying it all together by using the hashtag #MyFavouritePlayer. Have you drawn an incredible portrait of a player? Own multiple player jerseys and collectables? Do you paint your face to watch playoff hockey? Share your pictures with us – and the players!

We’ll be monitoring fan submissions across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and doing a weekly wrap up of the best fan photos on NHLPA.com. Use the hashtag #MyFavouritePlayer and tag us, @NHLPA, to submit. Be sure to tag your favourite player too!