NHLPA Members React To Robin Williams' Death

NHLPA members join people from all walks of life on Twitter following the news of entertainer Robin Williams' passing.

NHLPA Members React To Robin Williams' Death

Sad news reverberated around the world on Monday night as word broke that legendary entertainer and comedian Robin Williams had died at the age of 63 of an apparent suicide. Many NHL players, who grew up on Williams' films like 'Good Will Hunting', 'Mrs. Doubtfire', and 'Good Morning Vietnam', quickly took to Twitter to share their sadness and shock with their fans.

As details began to surface, it was revealed that like many people from all walks of life, Williams had battled depression and periodic substance abuse. Though these issues weren’t a secret - Williams has made reference to his struggles himself in his stand-up routines – the news still came as an enormous shock to his family and friends, as well as his many, many fans. Sadly, mental illness continues to be a hidden, overlooked, and stigmatized disease.

Many NHL players rally around this particular cause every year via 'Hockey Talks' and other initiatives to raise mental health and wellness awareness and help eliminate the negative stigma surrounding depression and anxiety. Hockey Talks, which runs every February, was launched following the tragic death of former NHL player Rick Rypien. Rypien, who passed away in 2011, had endured a challenging battle with mental illness.

For more information and resources regarding mental health issues, please visit: www.imhro.org/