Top Player Tweets of the Week: Trade Deadline Day Edition

The Players take to Twitter to share their thoughts and comments surrounding Trade Deadline.

On Trade Deadline Day, emotions run high. NHL players and hockey fans alike sit glued to the television for hours, though for very different reasons. For a fan, they’re eager to see the possibility of new talent on their beloved team or to follow the journey of a favourite player. For the players, they watch to see if they themselves will be packing their bags and starting a new phase of their career with a different team.

On Monday, the Players took to Twitter to share their excitement, well-wishes, and thanks to their former and future teams, teammates, and fans. They also invited us into their world with snapshots of their travels as they pack up and move from one city to the next.

Here are your top player tweets of the week: Trade Deadline Day Edition:

Some player’s weighed-in prior to the deals rolling in:

And once the moves started, there was many messages of thanks and support: