The only poll of NHLPA members approved by the players themselves.

What do National Hockey League (NHL) players really think? To find out, the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) carries out an annual Player Poll, conducted jointly with CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada. The results of the NHLPA / CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada Player Poll offer a behind the scenes snapshot of how NHLPA members feel about their fellow players, coaches, league arenas, and off-ice issues.

The Player Poll is the only official poll of NHL players sanctioned by the players themselves. The NHLPA oversees the process, sending polls directly to its membership. The 2011-12 Player Poll contained 28 questions and was answered by 257 NHL players, representing over one-third of the NHLPA membership. Fans also have an opportunity to answer the same questions on the Player Poll website, providing an interesting contrast to the players’ responses, and enough material to start hundreds of living room arguments.

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  • February 19, 2012
NHLPA/CBC's Hockey Night in Canada Player Poll Results Released

NHLPA/CBC's Hockey Night in Canada Player Poll Results Released

Over 250 players weigh-in on a variety of topics. Results are available on CBC's PlayersPoll.ca.

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