Vancouver’s Green Men Make Cammalleri Laugh

If you’ve ever seen a Vancouver Canucks game – on TV or in person – you’ve heard of their infamous Green Men. They wear green body suits, they sit directly beside the penalty box, they do handstands – essentially, they make any penalty even more excruciating for any opposing team.

They were at it again this past weekend with a custom-made sign featuring the recently-traded Jarome Iginla’s retired number 12 on a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey next to Mario Lemieux’s retired number 66. Some players do not take too kindly to the Green Men’s antics, but the Calgary Flames’ Mike Cammalleri showed true class when faced with this sight during his two minutes in the box for slashing. Rather than get mad, Cammalleri just shook his head and laughed.

We’d love to hear what he mouthed to them though.

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