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An alternate captain with the Vegas Golden Knights, defenceman Jason Garrison brings veteran leadership and a winning attitude to the NHL’s newest franchise.

The British Columbia native, who has skated in over 500 regular season big-league games, played his first NHL contest on October 25, 2008.

As for his favourite road cities to play in, Garrison’s list includes two Canadian cities and one spot where fans are quick to let opposing players know what’s on their mind.

Jason Garisson's Road City Picks

1. Vancouver

“It’s my hometown rink and there are always a lot of friends and family that come out to the games. It’s a team that I’ve played on before and I’ve made a lot of friendships in that arena. It’s just nice to get back home and see everybody, maybe go to dinner the night before the game or after, if we stick around.”

2. Chicago

“I really like playing in Chicago. It’s a great city. Whatever week, month or day you play there, you know the rink is going to be full. Obviously, they’ve had a very successful team, so it’s a very built-up game. It’s a big city and it’s always great to walk around. There’s a lot of history and it’s a great sports city. It’s always a lot of fun to play there.”

3. New York (Madison Square Garden)

“I love playing in Madison Square Garden, just because of the history of the arena and the building. Walking around, seeing the people that have performed there, the posters – things like that – everybody that’s an entertainer, I think that one of their major goals is to play at Madison Square Garden. It’s pretty cool to say you played there.”

4. Montreal

“It’s always good when you play in Montreal. They do such a great job pre-game, the songs, the national anthem, the crowd – it’s very playoff-like, even during the regular season. There’s so much buzz in the city when you’re there. You can feel the hockey energy because everyone is a hockey fan there. When you’re walking around, everyone is wearing Canadiens jerseys – it’s a great environment.”

5. Philadelphia

“Last, but not least, we’ll go with Philadelphia. There are so many that could go in No. 5. Back when I first got into the league, I remember what it was like going to Philly. It was a lot of fun. The warm-up music was super-loud and it was great music. The fans there, they’re really hyped up and they’re not afraid to tell you how they feel.”

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