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For the most part, it’s been a laid-back, easy-going type of off-season for Chris Tierney. While there was no Shark Week viewing for the San Jose forward, there was plenty of family time and memorable vacations.

Where did Tierney’s travels take him? Check out this week’s edition of’s My Top 5.

Chris Tierney's Top Offseason Trips


“After the season, I took some trips. I went to New Zealand and Fiji, and to the Bahamas. New Zealand and Fiji were amazing. It was really cool to be on that side of the world. Fiji was unbelievable. You can island hop throughout the day – the water is so clear and warm. New Zealand is really beautiful, too. The scenery is fantastic.”


“It’s always nice when you come home and get the time to spend with family and friends. I’ve been hanging out with my buddies and I’m also training Monday to Friday to get ready for the season.”


“I played in some golf tournaments, including the NHLPA one at Glen Abbey in Oakville (Ontario). That was a fun day. We just had a golf tournament with some of the guys I work out with over the summer. It was me, Devin Shore, the Tanev brothers (Chris and Brandon), Mark Scheifele, Steven Stamkos, Matthew Tkachuk – that was a pretty fun day on the course. We had some little games going on while we were playing.”


“I saw The Weeknd near the beginning of the summer. I’m a pretty big fan of his. It was pretty cool getting the chance to see him. It was a great time.”


“My parents are from a small town in Ontario called Deep River. We go back up there every August long weekend. My mom’s side of the family – all her brothers and sisters go up. They have kids, which are my cousins, who I grew up with. So it’s a big family reunion. There will be over 20 people. My mom’s brother is coming in from Calgary. It’s a nice weekend to reconnect with family that I haven’t seen for most of the year.”

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