Mats Sundin and Tie Domi Say “Game On Cancer”

Scott McKay worked as the Toronto Maple Leafs equipment manager for over a decade, developing lasting friendships with many of the team’s players over the years. Two of those friendships happen to be with now-retired players Mats Sundin and Tie Domi. When McKay was diagnosed with cancer in October of 2012, he was sent to the Princess Margaret Hospital for treatment. He grew so fond of the staff there, that he decided to give back to them through the sport he loves the most.

McKay now serves as Honorary Chair of Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer (RHCC), and asked his friends to take part in the tournament. Watch the video to see Sundin and Domi reminisce about working with McKay back when, and explain what the cause means to them.

This year will mark the 3rd annual RHCC tournament. The tournament is the largest road hockey fundraising event of its kind. From dawn-to-dusk dozens of teams play in hundreds of 30-minute games. Each team raises money to play, and that money benefits the Princess Margaret Hospital and the Canadian Cancer Society. In the past two years, RHCC has raised five million dollars.

If you’d like to donate or put a team together for this year’s tournament, please visit Team Up To Conquer Cancer.

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