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Don Fehr NHLPA Executive Director

Don Fehr is the Executive Director of the NHLPA. Since assuming the post in 2010, Don has focused on building active participation by players in their union, and has travelled extensively to meet and consult with players around the league. Don serves as chief negotiator in collective bargaining with the NHL.

Prior to joining the NHLPA, Don spent 33 years with the Major League Baseball Players Union (MLBPA), the last 26 as Executive Director. Over this time, Don successfully maintained unity through one lockout and two strikes; litigated the collusion cases of the 1980s which led to the owners paying $280 million in damages to the players; won the bad-faith bargaining case that ended the 1994-95 strike and subsequently negotiated an agreement; and negotiated new agreements with MLB in 2002 and 2006. These achievements resulted in an extended era of uninterrupted play, and new levels of stability in baseball labor relations.

Don helped build the strength of baseball’s union by keeping the players involved and informed, and developing a strong consensus on all important issues. His goals are the same at the NHLPA.

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