Hockey For Haiti

Hockey for Haiti was a fundraising initiative created by the National Hockey League Players’ Association, Haitian-Canadian and former NHL player Georges Laraque, and World Vision Canada. Hockey for Haiti raised more than $1 million dollars to help rebuild Grace Children’s Hospital in Port-au-Prince, which was damaged beyond repair during the devastating January 2010 earthquake.

Hockey for Haiti kicked off with an initial donation of $100,000 from the NHLPA Goals & Dreams fund, and a matching donation of $100,000 from the NHL. Private donations and online auctions of unique hockey memorabilia helped push the total above the million-dollar mark.

Grace Children’s Hospital, operated by International Child Care, is one of Haiti’s leading pediatric centers. Dedicated to the treatment of children with tuberculosis (TB), HIV and other diseases, the facility was deemed unsafe in the aftermath of the earthquake. Hockey for Haiti has provided crucial funds to support proper design and construction planning, save lives, and enable Port-au-Prince to move beyond devastation to recovery.

Watch video footage of Hockey for Haiti in action:

“Returning to Haiti to see the situation in my homeland and at this hospital today has been an emotional experience for me. My goal is that Hockey for Haiti will bring hope to kids in Port-au-Prince who are going through so much.” – Georges Laraque, NHL veteran

“All of us at International Child Care and Grace Children’s Hospital are thankful for the incredible generosity of NHL players and hockey fans. It renews our strength as we work to bring health and hope to children suffering from diseases like tuberculosis and HIV.” – Dr. John Yates, International Director, International Child Care Health education and literacy training.

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